Changes to the Plymouth State Weather Center

Our website ( has been providing weather data to users for over 20 years. In order to create an improved experience for our users, we will be implementing a new website design on or about July 8, 2015.

The website overhaul strives to achieve the following goals:
Our site is both large and complex and it is likely that we may have missed something while making changes. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to let us know if something is not working as expected.

Work will continue over the next weeks and months involving additional changes including adding analytics, streamlining backend scripts, adding new products and retiring existing legacy webpages.

We hope you enjoy the new look. If you like what you see, consider making a donation to help fund the technology that makes our website possible.

Thanks for visiting.

Brendon Hoch
Director of IT & Instrumentation
Judd Gregg Meteorology Institute