About the Author

May 7, 1997

My name is Heather B. Potucek, and, as I write this, I am a senior meteorology major at Plymouth State College; I am anticipating graduation on May 17, 1997, where I will receive a Bachelor's of Science degree in the same. Born in Passaic, NJ, in 1975, I moved to NH with my parents late in 1976, and I have lived there ever since. My brother and parents have been ever supportive of my weather-related pursuits, especially since my interest began at age three. I hope to obtain a job in meteorological forecasting in either southern NH or northern MA.

My other interests are far too numerous to list them all, but some of them are my cat, Fred, as well as skiing, in-line skating, painting, writing or listening to music, creating small computer animations, and taking in good movies--especially James Bond(!!). I can often be found at local movie cinemas taking in the latest Bond film, Sci-Fi flick, or whatever Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert are arguing over most recently. If I'm not there, though, you might be able to find me flying down the slopes of one of NH's mountains, probably dressed bright enough to be seen for miles around.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this self-guided tutorial. It was originally suggested by my project supervisor, and I designed everything you see on these pages. If you are interested in learning more about the sun and weather, or about the software used, see the references page for the books I used--most of them really are interesting--and the Closing Credits page for details about my software. The books are fairly easy to read, as they are mainly used for introductory meteorology classes, so the concepts are clearly explained, and I'm not completely computer literate, so the software has to be dummy-proof, too.

Thank you again for stopping in to become illuminated!

Heather B. Potucek