title>Here Comes the Sun: Closing Credits

Closing Credits

All possible aspects of this solar/terrestrial self-guided tutorial were designed and written by Heather B. Potucek as a senior meteorological research project; this includes all text, hypertext, diagrams, and frames for animation.

Animation frames were designed on Microsoft Paint for Windows 95, and were translated into .GIF format through L-View Pro v.1.D2, available on the Internet through various locations as shareware for trial.

Animations were compiled on Animagic 0.97d 32-Bit Animation Software, also available on a trial basis as shareware from the Ziff Davis Publishing Co. on the World Wide Web.

It is difficult to teach things in space and time (like the rotation of the Earth about the Sun) from a 2-dimensional text, and it is tough to add a true spacial dimension to a 2-D computer monitor. However, with the help of modern techmology, we were able to add, instead, the dimension of time to this self-guided text. Comments to the author are welcome: see "About the Author" for address.

Special Thanks To:

Dr. J. Koermer of the Plymouth State College Natural Science department, who helped bring my first animation frames to life and also helped guide me in this project.

Dr. J. Zabransky and Dr. A. Peyrefitte, also of the Plymouth State College Natural Science Department, for being incredibly patient with my frequently redundant (and sometimes rhetorical) questions.

Prof. H. Maybeck of the Plymouth State College Natural Science Department, who developed the worksheets from which I was able to re-learn something I hadn't learned right the first time--Declination of the Sun.

Ryan B. Turkington, without whose patience, dedication, and odd understanding I would never have made it this far. (Were it not for him, I might be bald from ripping my hair out!)