McIDAS CONUS NEXRAD Composite Images

Select type of composite product; enter a 4-digit WMO CONUS Station ID (e.g. "KCON" for Concord, NH) or 5-digit WMO Number (e.g. "72518" for Albany, NY) or Lat,Lon (whole degrees e.g. "44.3,-72.6" for 44.3N 72.6W - the comma is important) for the central point of the image; the zoom factor; the preferred image size; choose the single image or various loop options; and whether you want county boundaries drawn or not (the default); and the date/time for the image (if the date/time is not fully specified, the latest data will be used. and finally whether you want a web display (the default) or for single images only a printable display of the image.

Type: Station ID or Lat,Lon: Date/Time: Size:
Type Output: Zoom: County Lines: Web/Print:


  • Set location to KTWX and Zoom out x 8 to get a full CONUS base reflectivity composite; x 4 for the 1-hour precipitation; and x 2 for the storm total precipitation.
  • Check this list for possible CONUS station identifiers.
  • If not all of the date/time fields are specified, the latest available data will be used.
  • For loops, the date/time specifird will be the end time of the loop.
  • All loops consist of 25-frames and can be selected to cover a either 4-HR, 12-HR, or 24-HR periods.
  • Data are updated at approximately 5 minute intervals and data are kept on our server for about 15 days.