NIDS Radar Map Selector

NIDS (NEXRAD Information Dissemination Service) data consist of a variety of high resolution radar products from WSR-88D doppler radars. Data are updated frequently (about every six minutes).


Choose station, select type NIDS product, observation date/time, image size, single image or 2-hour GIF, Flash, or JSANI loop, zoom factor, and image center location. This center location can be specified by using either a 3-letter radar identifier, an ICAO identifier, a WMO number (invalid entries will be centered on the station), or latitude,longitude (e.g. "ENX" or "KALB" or "72518" or "42.75,-73.80"). You can retrieve products back to about 15 days. If you don't set a date/time, zoom factor, or center location, you will get the latest observation centered on the radar site with default zoom factor.

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