TDWR Map Selector

TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar) data consist of a variety of high resolution radars from various airports throughout the country. Data are updated frequently (about every 5-6 minutes).


Select a TDWR station, select type of product, observation date/time, image size, single image or 2-hour GIF, Flash, or JSANI loop, zoom factor, and image center location. This center location can be left blank or specified by using either a 4-letter radar identifier, an ICAO identifier, a WMO number, or latitude,longitude (e.g. "ENX" or "KALB" or "72518" or "42.75,-73.80"). On this site, you can retrieve products back to about 15 days. If you don't set a date/time, center location/zoom factor, you will get the latest observation centered on the radar site with the default zoom factor. If you don't set a center location, the zoom factor will not work.

Radar Site: TDWR Product: Year: Month: Day: Hour: Minute:
Size: Output Type: Center: Zoom:


  • Some products may not be available for the selected station.
  • For loops, the date/time selected will be the approximate end time of the ~2 hour loop.
  • Blue lines on the maps depict interstate highways.
  • The "clickable" map options have less time resolution on loops, no capability to change size or center point of the image and no ability to go back to see data anytime over the past several weeks, i.e. less overall flexibility than from the option above.
  • These TDWR products are described in