Model Sounding Selector for CONUS
Set options and then point and click to any location on the map to retrieve the sounding(s) for that location

 Model:       Type Output:
 RAP 1-HR   Skew-T Diagram
 RAP 3-HR   Stuve Diagram
 NAM        Hodogram
 GFS-US     Text Listing
Forecast Time: 00-HR 18-HR 48-HR 01-HR 21-HR 54-HR 02-HR 24-HR 60-HR 03-HR 27-HR 66-HR 04-HR 30-HR 72-HR 05-HR 33-HR 84-HR 06-HR 36-HR 96-HR 09-HR 39-HR 108-HR 12-HR 42-HR 120-HR 15-HR 45-HR Loop All
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