NEXRAD Radar Composite Images

Select a pre-defined region OR map center location {4-digit ICAO identifier - e.g. KALB or 5-digit WMO number - e.g. 72518 or latitude,longitude pair - e.g. 41.93,-88.71} and zoom factor; imagery type; date/time; image size; county boundaries or not; or single frame or loop outputs.

Region: Imagery Type: Year: Month: Day: Hour: Minute: Size: County Lines: Type Output:


Location: Zoom Factor:

  • The zoom function only works in conjunction with the station identifier, not with the pre-defined regions.
  • Zooming in by 40% or more will also plot various city names on the maps.
  • If not all of the date/time fields are specified, the latest available data will be used.
  • For loops, the date/time specifird will be the end time of the loop.
  • All loops consist of 25-frames and can be selected to cover a either 4-HR, 12-HR, or 24-HR periods.
  • Loops take about 10 seconds to build.
  • Data are updated at approximately 5 minute intervals and data are kept on our server for about 15 days.