NEXRAD Radar Composite Images

Select a pre-defined region OR map center location {4-digit ICAO identifier - e.g. KALB or 5-digit WMO number - e.g. 72518 or latitude,longitude pair - e.g. 41.93,-88.71} and zoom factor; imagery type; date/time; image size; county boundaries or not; or single frame or loop outputs.

Region: Imagery Type: Year: Month: Day: Hour: Minute: Size: County Lines:

Type Output:

Location: Zoom Factor:

  • The zoom function only works in conjunction with the station identifier, not with the pre-defined regions.
  • Zooming in by 40% or more will also plot various city names on the maps.
  • If not all of the date/time fields are specified, the latest available data will be used.
  • For loops, the date/time selected will be the approximate end time of the loop. Loops may take anywhere from 25-60 seconds to generate and display depending on server activity. During non-busy server periods, loops will usually contain 25 images. However, the number of images may be reduced during busy server periods, but these abbreviated loops will contain the closest images to the end time selected.
  • Data are updated at approximately 5 minute intervals and data are kept on our server for about 15 days.