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California Russian River Watershed GFS Precipitation Forecast

Map Display: 10-day precipitation forecast [mm] over sub-watersheds of Russian River.
Map Hover: Displays sub-watershed name and 10-d precipitation amount below map.
Map Click: Opens 0-to-10-d chart of 3-h precipitation and accumulated precipitation on right.
Map Markers: Displays locations of hydrographs - Red are on Russian, Blue are on tributaries, Green are on reservoirs.
Marker Click: Opens hydrographs for locations on Russian, its tributaries, and reservoirs in an Infowindow.

Hovering over watersheds will yield the watershed name and 10-d precipitation amount in this box
Precipitation [mm]: 0-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90 90-100 100+

Notes: The precipitation is derived from the NCEP GFS Model, which is on 0.25-degree latitude by 0.25-degree longitude grid. The size of some watersheds is too small to contain any gridded information. In this scenario, the areal precipitation of the polygon is assigned the value of the nearest grid point.
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